Our established relationships with our suppliers are characterized with mutual trust resulting from longstanding cooperation and experience. We find them crucial to the level of services rendered to our clients. We are proud of our successful and verified strategic alliances with a vast selection of sellers in majority of categories of expenditure. Yet we never stop looking for new innovative partners to help us upgrade our services. IPO is aware that supply markets tend to be dynamic and aims to cooperate with leading suppliers for our clients’ advantage.

We are very often chosen by them as a customer due to our successful track record and effective collaboration. Our supplier relationships are continuously developed through commitment of time, capital and resources with a goal of increased value for new clients and long-lasting strategic cost cutting strategies for current clients. Top organizations are interested in cooperation with IPO since they appreciate the actual opportunity available to them as we continue to grow our business and operations. We are a trusted consultant when it comes to acquiring and supply issues and our clients rely on us to efficiently use a sellers base to introduce prompt value to their businesses. The value is reflected in many ways: cost decrease, risk reduction, and product quality, so all of the vendors we work with are made sure to satisfy our expectations. We demand from our suppliers to work in accordance with the code of professional ethics as well as guidelines delivered by CIPS.