Procurement Outsourcing

Procurement outsourcer – what is the role?

Being one of the top procurement service providers, IPO promotes its strategic agenda by increasing its Client’s procurement capability, ensuring dedicated specialists focused on effecting incremental savings and value, usually in non-core spending. Our experts offer thorough domain knowledge in under-performing areas of spending, supported with impressive experience in establishing and executing integrated procurement processes across organizations.

IPO assumes a tested and proven methodology to subject sourcing activities to larger scrutiny and control. This strategy ensures that senior executive sponsorship is guaranteed which forces business change, eliminates maverick buying and guards the objective of retaining sustainable savings to the bottom line.

We are proud to declare that even during the initial stages of an outsourcing plan we very often make substantial savings for customers; promptly decreasing the costs of products and services.

IPO assists clients on company-wide savings plans that are introduced into the overall business plan. We act with an expressed mandate from the firm’s board and our independence ensures we are well positioned to manage often radical amendment programs. This results in a sense of urgency, ensuring the business to embrace change, work efficiently and achieve fiscal targets.

Procurement outsourcing – why is it so valuable?

Organization’s bottom-line performance can be enhanced not only via growth in sales revenues but also by cutting the operations costs. Where BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is used both goals are achieved – BPO concentrates on reformulating processes in the company to improve performance in a radical way. And employment of procurement outsourcing is crucial in altering purchasing and supply performance to ensure substantial value streams and financial reserves.

It is undoubtable that procurement is continuously getting more and more significant when it comes to its strategic importance to organizations, especially in light of the rise in global competition.

The market of procurement outsourcing was subject to durable growth during the last years. In 2011, spending on procurement outsourcing per annum increased by 14% and more than US$190 billion of procurement spend was managed by procurement outsourcing companies on behalf of others. In 2012, procurement outsourcing market grew by another 10%. Stakeholders are in need of vastly competent sourcing service which consistently reached the agreed financial targets, mitigating supply chain risk at the same time.

Effective procurement sourcing and procurement management through IPO will bring you significant returns on investments, increase the efficiency and output of your organization, resulting in increases in productivity and solid, established strategic partnerships with crucial partners and suppliers in specific industry sectors. Procurement solutions offered by us include:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • e-Procurement Services
  • Stakeholder and Supplier Management
  • Process and Systems Development
  • Contract Management
  • Category Management
  • Spend Management
  • Spend Analytics

Our team of specialists have years of experience across full range of industries. They contribute innovation, initiative, experience and technical ability required to lead to success and Clients’ satisfaction. Our highly experienced procurement professionals deliver results—from quick-win cost savings to long-term growth and value creation.

Procurement outsourcing is an excellent way to streamline your business to achieve maximum profits and efficiency.