About Us

Who we are

IPO is a top procurement outsourcing and consulting company supporting clients in Europe, North America and other regions. Founded in 2014, we have so far been delivering substantial commercial value to an increasing portfolio of Clients in various industry areas. Our experience and success lies in efficient management of complex business development projects, modification of our Clients’ approach to vendors and supply chain management and sourcing.

What we do

IPO renders its Clients with first-class procurement resources and expertise supported by a premium spend management technology platform. It forms and develops innovative business strategies that lead to cost cutting, mitigate supply chain risk and improve sustainability scores in numerous sections of expenditure.

Who we want to be

Our values concentrated on professionalism, commitment and customer focus are supported by an energetic working environment where knowledge and accomplishments are justly rewarded. We aim to adopt the CIPS code of professional ethics in all our arrangements and cooperation with Clients and suppliers. Our solid foundation further consists of our procurement outsourcing infrastructure, technology, talent, global operations and category expertise. These tools will help IPO to be regarded as the best provider in its chosen markets by delivering services that are recognized for outstanding quality, reliability and innovation.